aerial image BornhövedLaunched on January 1, 2010, the Department of Ecosystem Management in the new Institute for Natural Resource Conservation is part of the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, Kiel University. The department arose from the “Central Division Ecosystem Analysis” of the former Ecology Centre and stands in the tradition of ecosystem research at Kiel University. In this working group ecosystem concepts will be developed, implemented and conveyed in teaching.


Scientific work is based on the knowledge and data of ecosystem research in the Bornhöved Lake District. Over the past years, this research has led to the development and implementation of several ecosystem theories. The result is a better understanding of the interaction of structural and functional ecosystem components and the use of theoretic relations to work out indicators models in various projects where the behaviour of ecosystems as interactive structures can be comprehended and displayed. Thus the general principle of ecological integrity was designed at the former Ecology Centre and quantified in several case studies. Recently, human-environmental systems were added as a research field and intensified research about the potential of landscapes and ecosystems for the provision of ecosystem services is performed.


This ecosystem services approach offers now opportunity for collaborations within the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences since agricultural production makes up the greatest part of the provisioning services. Under these conditions long-term modelling and evaluation instruments will be compiled and adopted for use in environmental management as decision support for land-use planning.

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