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Open topics for MS Theses or Student Projects


Ecosystem services

  • Quantification, modeling and mapping of ecosystem services on different spatio-temporal scales (e.g. Baltic Sea, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)
  • Interrelations between ecosystem services, ecological integrity and biodiversity
  • GIS, remote sensing and modeling applications for the quantification of selected ecosystem services
  • Assessment and quantification of agro-ecosystem services
  • Scales and ecosystem services (integrating relations between ecosystems at the landscape scale)
  • Model applications to simulate the development of ecosystem service potentials with cliamte and agriculture based scenarios


Ecosystem Services in Running Projects

  • Fine-scale analysis of agro ecosystem services in dependence of actaul land use
  • Comparison of ecosystem service potentials: Baltic Sea - North Sea
  • Comparison of ecosystem service potentials: Terrestrial - Marine
  • Ecosystem services of different forest types
  • Deriving hydrologial ecosystem services from landscape models
  • Ecosystem service analysis of the Kiel Fjord
  • Ecosystem service analysis of inner coastal ecosystems
  • Mapping ecosystem conditions in Schleswig-Holstein 
  • Eutrophication and ecosystem services
  • Ecosystem services in the DPSIR model
  • Potential of blue carvon in the Baltic sea
  • Cultural services in Schleswig-Holstein


Human-environmental systems

  • Assessment / modelling of ecosystems and human-environmental systems
  • Land use change assessment, modeling and mapping


Systems theory

  • Evaluation of vunlerability, resilience, adaptability and integrity of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Evaluation of vunlerability, resilience, adaptability and integrity of coastal ecosystems
  • Evaluation of vunlerability, resilience, adaptability and integrity of marine ecosystems
  • Mapping ecological integrity


Long-term ecological research

  • Analysis of ecosystem services in historical times (archaeo-ecosystem services)
  • Analysis of permafrost landscape forms' dynamics in northern European subarctic regions
  • Time series analysis of eco-physiological data sets


Indicators in Human-Environmental Systems

  • Characterizing ecosystem development by theory-based indicators
  • Comparative indicator applications at the landscape scale
  • Socio-ecological valuation strategies for protected areas in Germany


Graduate theses in progress

  • Pia Laue: Water-related ecosystem services in the Chindwin River catchment, Myanmar (Prof. Dr. N. Fohrer & Prof. Dr. F. Müller)

  • Ivana Ruljevic: Ecosystem service matrix applications for the direct coastline of the German Baltic Sea (Prof. Dr. F. Müller & K. Ahrendt)

  • Serge Esterlein: Modelling forest ecosystem serives and monetary valuation (Prof. Dr. T. Requate & Prof. Dr. F. Müller)


MS Theses, submitted 


  • Daniela Hermann: Can ecosystem services be used to evaluate coastal and marine protection? (Prof. Dr. F. Müller & Dr. S. Bicking)

  • Andres de Jesus Vargas Soplin: Ecosystem service assessment under climate change and agricultural development scenarios in Northern Germany (Prof. Dr. F. Müller & Dr. S. Bicking)

  • Sofia Carolina Zamora Gonzales: Intergrative assessment of the ecosystem service crop production in Schleswig-Holstein based upon a soil fertility index (Prof. Dr. F. Müller & Dr. S. Bicking)



  • Thompson, Jennifer (Applied Ecology): Determining the effects of agriculture on soil carbon storage and nutrient regulation in the Ecuadorian páramos and projections for the fate of ecosystem services (Dr. Esteban Suárez & Prof. Dr. Felix Müller)

  • Krüger, Simone (MSc Environmental Management): Managed realignment at the German Baltic  coast - the ecosystem service perspective (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Marion Kruse)

  • Li, Hsin-Thing: Assessment of the carbon fluxes in the two shallow lagoons in the southern Baltic Sea (Prof. Dr. F. Müller & Dr. M. Paar)
  • Schenk, Lena: Mapping of Posidonia oceanica seagrass and its ecosystem services around the Island of Samos, Greece (Prof. Dr. F. Müller & Dr. G. Pietroluongo)
  • Lambert, Andrew: General ideas on sustainability conceptions (Prof. Dr. F. Müller & Dr. W. Windhorst)



  • Reichert, Tatiana (MSc Environmental Management): Assessment of selected regulating ecosystem services in the Bornhöved Lakes District, Germany (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Marion Kruse)
  • Kamberaj, Jurgena (MSc Environmental Management): Application of ESTIMAP model for recreational ecosystem service on Terceira Island (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Prof. Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)



  • Bicking, Sabine (MSc Environmental Management): Assessment of nutrient regulation in Schleswig-Holstein: From the development of scientific data to a vivid comprehensive presentation in the context of the Data Warehouse MELUR (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Prof. Dr. Uwe Rammert)
  • Sazonova, Olga (MSc Sustainability, Society and the Environment): Integration of ecosystem services into the Blue Growth Strategy of the European Union (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Prof. Dr. Uwe Rammert)

  • Aichele, Dominique (MSc Environmental Management): Breeding habitat selection by tree pipit (Anthus trivialis) and meadow pipit (Anthus pratensis) on a mountain heathland area in the Northern Black Forest, Germany – An analysis of the ecological characteristics and development of a management concept (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Dr. Marc Förschler)

  • Thandar, Aye Myat (MSc Applied Ecology, 2016): Applying InVEST for Assessing ecosystem services in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard und Dr. Marion Kruse)
  • Sheviakova, Marina (MSc Sustainability, Society and the Environment, 2016): Compilation of an ecosystem type map of Germany (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Dr. Ralf-Uwe Syrbe)
  • Hoppmanns, Hanna (BSc Landschaftsökologie Uni Münster, 2016): Grazing impacts on bird communities in the Oehe-Schleimündung, Schleswig Holstein (Germany) (NN & PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Dela Cruz, Bony Pablo (MSc Ecohydrology): Assessment of selected regulating services in a coastal lagoon - case study of the Darss Zingst Bodden Chain (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Marion Kruse)
  • Resnikov, Nikolai (MSc Sustainability, Society and the Environment): Land use change effects on provisioning ecosystem services supply and demand – Case study Bornhöved Lakes District, Germany  (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Dr. Marion Kruse)
  • Jähne, Maren (MSc Sustainability, Society and the Environment, 2016): Modeling and quantifying insect pollination of oilseed rape along a gradient of landscape complexity (Prof. Dr. Tim Diekötter und PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)



  • Dworczyk, Claudia (MSc Umweltgeographie und -management): Bewertung und Kartierung von Ökosystemleistungen auf nationaler Ebene in Deutschland – Expertenbasierte Anwendung der Matrix-Methode (Prof. Dr. Athanasios Vafeidis, PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Amare Reta, Bedilu (MSc Ecohydrology, 2015): Integrated Assessments of Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources: A case study of Lake Hawassa Sub Basin, Ethiopia (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Jaspers, Kim (MSc Agrarwissenschaften, 2015): Erfassung und Bewertung ausgewählter Versorgungsleistungen in der Darß-Zingster-Boddenkette (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Marion Kruse)
  • Klöss, Maria (MSc Environmental Management, 2015): Public funding of ecosystem services in the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Marion Kruse)
  • Rubers, Jasper (MSc Environmental Management, 2015): Assessment and quantification of touristic and recreational ecosystem services in the Darß-Zingst Bodden Chain, Germany (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Marion Kruse)
  • Nady, Mahmoud (MSc Applied Ecology, 2015): Indicators and trends of demands for ecosystem services in the European Union (Dr. Freddie-Jeanne Richard, PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard, Dr. Joachim Maes)
  • Maack, Lotta (MSc Environmental Management, 2015): An ecosystem service assessment to assist in natural hazard mitigation: A case study from Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics World Heritage Areas, Australia (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Dr. Petina Pert)

  • Kühnle, Svenja (MSc Umweltgeographie, 2015): Erfassung und Bewertung von Ökosystemleistungen in der Kieler Förde-Region auf Basis von ATKIS-Daten und unter Anwendung des „Matrix-Ansatzes“ (Dr. Barbara Neumann & PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)


  • Bin Mostafa, Zubaer (MSc Ecohydrology, 2014): Potential ecosystem services provided by macrophytes from the Darß-Zingst Bodden Chain, Northern Germany (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Wilhelm Windhorst)
  • Ruhberg, Kim Isabell (MSc Ecohydrology, 2014): Mapping key ecosystem services for a coastal region using publicly available data – Case Study of the Illawarra Catchment, Australia (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Dr. Barbara Neumann)

  • Farkas, Matyas Viktor (MSc Applied Ecology 2014): Effects of local and regional land use intensity on pollinating bees in irrigated rice production landscapes in Vietnam (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Dr. Cathrin Westphal)

  • Alpert, Sina (MSc Biologie, 2014): Underwater habitat mapping in the nature reserve Schleimündung with special regard to the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) stock and assessment of its nutritional quality for foraging waterbirds (Prof. Dr. Stefanie Ismar & PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Moreno, Mayra Andrea Zamora (MSc Ecohydrology, 2014): Applying Ecosystem Service Assessment in Coastal Classification - a case study in Argentina (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Prof. Dr. Horst Sterr)
  • Abeje Fenta, Wondwosan (MSc Ecohydrology, 2014): Mapping land cover change scenarios to enable ecosystem service modelling in the Lake Tana Watershed based on GIS methodologies (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Li, Shanghua (MSc Ecohydrology, 2014): Application of Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production (HANPP) to rice agriculture in the Sa pa region, Lao Cai, Vietnam (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Dr. Vu Kim Chi)
  • Le Thuy, Duong (MSc Environmental Management, 2014): Assessing the provisioning ecosystem service rice and its linkages to human well-being in Lao Cai and Tien Giang province of Vietnam. (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Prof. Dr. Felix Müller)
  • Kühn, Clemens (MSc Environmental Management, 2014): Assessing the provisioning ecosystem service food rice and its linkages to human well-being in Lao Cai, Hai Duong and Vinh Phuc province of Vietnam (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Prof. Dr. Felix Müller)
  • Pinto, Guilherme Alexandre Stecher Justiniano (MSc Environmental Management, 2014): Mapping ecosystem services of forest-mire mosaics in North Karelia biosphere reserve (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Dr. Timo Kumpula)
  • Charette-Castonguay, Adam (MSc Environmental Management, 2014): Assessment of resilience and adaptability of social-ecological systems: a case study of the Ifugao rice terraces (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Prof. Dr. Felix Müller)
  • Cáceres, Diana (MSc Environmental Management 2014): Analysis of the possibility of establishing payments for Hydrological Ecosystem Services as a mechanism to increase stakeholder participation in IWRM in the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin, Namibia (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Wilhelm Windhorst)
  • Hertz-Kleptow, Christian (MSc Environmental Management, 2014): Simulation of bird migration over the North Sea in relation to offshore wind parks using the individual based model BirdSIM (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & PD Dr. Stefan Garthe)
  • Rosas Castro, Luisa Fernanda (MSc Environmental Management, 2014): Ecosystem service assessment for the new vision of the energy project in Samsø (Denmark) - An analysis of the climate regulation service supply (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Prof. Dr. Søren Nors Nielsen)



  • Ito, Maysa (European MSc Ecohydrology, 2013): Fishery in Darss-Zingst Bodden Chain, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany: An Analysis under the Ecosystem Services Approach (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Prof. Dr. Luís Chicharo)
  • Amakihe, Emeka (European MSc Ecohydrology, 2013): Analysis of spatial and temporal land use influences affecting nutrient water quality and ecosystem service provisioning (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Kaptagaeva, Aida (European MSc Applied Ecology, 2013): Ecosystem Services Assessment for Sustainable management of watersheds: Case study of Chon-Aksuu River watershed, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz Republic (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Rova, Silvia (European MSc Ecohydrology, 2013): Provision of ecosystem services in the Lagoon of Venice, Italy (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Fabio Pranovi)
  • Bachmann Vargas, Pamela L. (MSc Environmental Management, 2013): Ecosystem services modeling as a tool for environmental assessment and support for decision making process in Aysén region, Chile (Northern Patagonia) (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Prof. Dr. Víctor H. Marín)

  • Müller, Anja (MSc Environmental Management, 2013): Sustainability in rice cropping areas - an application of the ecosystem services concept in different cropping systems and related production intensities (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Prof. Dr. Felix Müller)
  • Vierjahn, Inga (BSc Agricultural Sciences, 2013): Die europäische IKZM-Strategie und ihre regionale Umsetzung am Beispiel der Ria Formosa, Portugal (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Prof. Dr. Carsten Schulz)



  • Rodrigues, João (MSc Ecohydrology, 2012): Linking the value of nature conservation with cultural ecosystem services preferences - The contingent valuation method applied to a nature reserve located in the Baltic Coast of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Wilhelm Windhorst)
  • Meyers, Luca Marius (MSc Ecohydrology, 2012): Land-use changes: the real "greenhouse effect" - an ecosystem services analyses in the south of Turkey (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Prof. Dr. H. Gonca Coşkun)
  • Chetverikova, Nina (MSc Ecohydrology, 2012): Evaluation of the ecosystem services based on the SWAT model. Case study: Kielstau catchment (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Britta Schmalz)
  • Omari Mangi, Halima (European MSc Applied Ecology, 2012): Assessment of the changes of ecosystem services as a result of the tide management in the River Elbe (PD Dr. Benjamin Burkhard & Prof. Dr. Uwe Latacz-Lohmann)



  • Fehling, Astrid (MSc Environmental Management, 2011): A Resource Utilization Plan for the Coastal Zones of the Westfjords, Iceland - A stakeholder analysis for the pilot-project Arnafjörður (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Wilhelm Windhorst)
  • Graterol, Ruth (MSc Environmental Management, 2011): Integration of the Ecosystem-based Management approach and Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies: Phang-Nga Province South Thailand (Prof. Dr. Horst Sterr & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Kliucininkaite, Lina (MSc Environmental Management, 2011): Modelling artificial reef in the coastline of Probstei.  Different positions and shapes of artificial reef, safety analysis of construction, its impacts on sediment transport, affects on marine fauna. Impact analysis on increase of diving recourse (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Kai Ahrendt)
  • Londoño-Stipanovic, Fidel (MSc Environmental Management, 2011): Comparing urban structures on the base of landscape metrics (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Lee, Hye Jin (MSc Environmental Management, 2011):  Resilience in forest soil ecosystems to atmospheric acid deposition in the Bornhöved Lake district (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Claus Schimming)
  • Callon, Kevin (MSc Environmental Management, 2011):  Scenario‐based analysis of environmental efficiency in a food provision system (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Prof. Dr. Uwe Latacz-Lohmann)



  • Beichler, Simone (MSc Environmental Management, 2010): GIS-based analysis of landscape heterogeneity in rural-urban regions - assessing land cover and ecosystem service structures. (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Witte, Katharina (MSc Environmental Management, 2010): Blood gas analysis and serum chemistry of orphaned harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) pups in the UNESCO world heritage site Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer (German North Sea): A new approach for a better assessment of survival chances. (Dr. Ursula Siebert & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Jantz, Samuel M. (MSc Environmental Management, 2010): Urban sprawl and its impacts on carbon storage in the landscape: the case of Leipzig, Germany (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Delong, Fabian (MSc Environmental Management, 2010): The effect of urban sprawl on energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions: A case study for the Leipzig region (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Cape-Ducluzeau, Lydia (European MSc Applied Ecology, 2010): Analysis of spatially referenced economic, social and biophysical data to explore the attitudinal responses of landholders to alternative land-use strategies. (Prof. Dr. Bertram Ostendorf & Prof. Dr. Felix Müller)
  • Schweikhard, Yvonne (MSc Environmental Management, 2010): Assessing the impacts of plant cultivation for biogas production on the provision of ecosystem services (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Wilhelm Windhorst)
  • From, Tatiana (MSc Environmental Management, 2010): Altering ecosystem services by the invasion of non-indigenous species in the coastal zone - case study on the island of Sylt: Pacific oyster, Cord grass and Japanese rose. (Prof. Dr. Karsten Reise & Prof. Dr. Felix Müller)


before 2009

  • Tamang, Bikram (MSc Environmental Management, 2009): An assessment of landscape change of the Khumbu region in Nepal. (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Gloe, Dominik (MSc Environmental Management, 2009): Impacts of Offshore Windfarming on the provision of Ecosystem Services in the North Sea (Dr. Wilhelm Windhorst & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Koch, Natalie (MSc Environmental Management, 2009): Sustainable environmental management in semiconductors industry – Internal material flow analysis of selected substances and evaluation of reduction potential at the example of Vishay Siliconix Itzehoe GmbH (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dipl.-Ing Ulrike Krug)
  • Mukherjee, Abir Lal (MSc Environmental Management, 2008): Influence of demographic change and tourism on ecosystem services in a modern urban region: a case study about food provision for Leipzig (Germany). (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Schmidt, Anke (Dipl.-Geogr., 2008): Integrative Bewertung der Auswirkungen touristischer Nutzungen auf die Bereitstellung von Ecosystem Services auf der Insel Sylt. (Prof. Dr. Horst Sterr & Prof. Dr. Felix Müller)
  • Wiktorowicz, Pawel (MSc Environmental Management, 2008): Application of the CBD approach and the concept of ecosystem services in Finnish wilderness - case study Hammastunturit. (Prof. Dr. Felix Müller & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Ihme, Kristina (MSc Environmental Management, 2007): Using birds and marine mammals as indicators to assess impacts of offshore wind parks in Germany - a spatio temporal scenario approach. (Dr. Stefan Garthe & Dr. Benjamin Burkhard)
  • Greßler, Franziska (Dipl.-Geogr., 2004): Die Nachhaltigkeit der Rentierwirtschaftssysteme in Nordskandinavien. Ein indikatorenbasierter Vergleich. (Prof. Dr. Hans-Rudolf Bork & Prof. Dr. Felix Müller)