Research focus

  • Geomorphology, natural hazards, climate change, ecosystem services, integrated coastal zone management, GIS & remote sensing

Research projects

  • LEGATO: Land-use intensity and Ecological EnGineering – Assessment Tools for risks and Opportunities in irrigated rice based production systems (BMBF, 01.03.2011 – 28.02.2016)

Curriculum vitae

since October 2014

  • PhD student at the Institute for Natural Resource Conservation; Department of Ecosystem Management



  • PhD studies in Environmental and Resources Management, University of Hanoi, Viet Nam



  • Master of Science with TOSHIBA Scholarship (Japan) in Cartographic, Remote Sensing and GIS; Geography Faculty, Hanoi University of Science, VNU. Master thesis: Apply remote sensing and GIS technology to research and re-appear the old-river of Day, Nhue river flows through Hanoi



  • Bachelor degree followed Honor Program of University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi


Peer reviewed publications


  • Bac, K., W. Windhorst, B. Burkhard & F. Müller (2018): A Bayesian Belief Network – Based approach to link ecosystem functions with rice provisioning ecosystem services. – Ecological Indicators doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2018.04.055.

Further scientific publications


  • Dang Kinh Bac, Dang Van Bao, Nguyen Hieu, Pham Thi Phuong Nga (2013): Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for reappearing old-rivers and lakes system in Hanoi city. - Proceeding of the 7th National Scientific Conference on Geography, Thai Nguyen: 987-999 (in Vietnamese).

  • Tran Hoang Thao Linh, Nguyen Hieu, Dang Kinh Bac (2013): Soil Erosion Assessment in Huong river basin by Remote Sensing - GIS application and N-SPECT model.  - Proceeding of the 7th National Scientific Conference on Geography, Thai Nguyen: 343-351 (in Vietnamese).

  • Nguyen Hieu, Do Trung Hieu, Dang Kinh Bac, Doan Thu Phuong (2013): Assessment of flood hazard risk in Hanoi city. - Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vietnam National University Publisher: 26-37.

  • Limbert, H., D. Limbert, Nguyen Hieu, Vu Van Phai, Dang Kinh Bac (2013): Significant discoveries in the cave systems of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park from 2003 to 2013. - Science and Technology Information Magazine, Volume 3: page 65-86 (in Vietnamese).



  • Nguyen Hieu, Dang Kinh Bac, Dang Van Bao (2011): Application of N-SPECT model and GIS for Soil erosion assessment in Sapa district, Lao Cai province. - Journal of Earth Science; Vietnam National University Publisher, Volume 27 (04): 199-207.



  • Dang Van Bao, Nguyen Hieu, Dang Kinh Bac (2010): The changing of the Day – Nhue river bed in the west Hanoi capital. - Proceeding of the Scientific Conference on Geography and Land Administration, Hanoi: 59 – 68 (in Vietnamese).

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    Dao Dinh Bac, Dang Kinh Bac (2010): Environmental conditions of rainy areas. - Proceeding of the 5th national Scientific Conference on Geography, Hanoi: 987-999 (in Vietnamese).

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