ecosystem theory
Ecosystem theory

Analysis of ecological interactions basing upon thermodynamics, hierarchy theory, orientor theory and the gradient principle.

Human environmental systems

Human-environmental systems

Integrative assessments of ecosystems and socio-economic systems, linking ecological integrity and human welfare within an adaptive management cycle.

Ecosystem Services 

Ecosystem services

Quantification, indication, modelling and mapping of ecological functions and ecosystem goods and services, integrating supply, demand and budgets.

Longterm ecological research

Long term ecological research

Long-term ecosystem research on the permanent observation plot “Bornhöved Lakes” of the European environmental monitoring in forests as parts of the ICP-Forests and LTER as well as research on long-term dynamics.

Landscape analysis

Landscape analysis

Integration of ecological and human structures and functions at the landscape scale for the analysis and modeling of ecosystem properties and their development.

effects of GMO agriculture

Effects of GMO agriculture

Research on the effects of genetically modified organisms on ecological processes and their long-term and large-scale implications.


Integrated Coastal Zone Management ICZM

Modelling of human impacts on coastal zones, supporting decision making processes for a sustainable use, development and protection of coastal areas and their resources.

Ecological and socioeconomic indication

Ecological and socio-economic indication

Derivation of integrated indicator frameworks, quantification of holistic indicator sets and indication of ecological integrity, resilience and adaptability.

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