Research focus

  • Human-environmental interactions, ecosystem service indicators, modelling and mapping of ecosystem functions and services


Research projects

  • SECOS Synthese: The service of sediments and the coastal sea in the German Baltic (BMBF, 01.04.2016-31.03.2019)
  • BACOSA: Baltic Coastal System Analysis and Status Evaluation (BMBF, 01.04.2013 – 31.03.2016)
  • ESMERALDA: Enhancing ecoSysteM sERvices mApping for poLicy and Decision mAking (European Union, 01.02.2015-31.07.2018)
  • Entwicklung von Indikatoren für die Evaluierung und das Management der Naturerbeflächen der DBU (DBU, 01.04.2011-30.01.2012)



  • AEF-EM011: Principles of Ecosystem Analysis (Kiel School of Sustainability)
  • AEF-EM026: Landscape Systems Analysis Northern Finland
    (Kiel School of Sustainability)
  • AEF-EM022: Development and Application of Ecological Indicators
    (Kiel School of Sustainability)
  • AEF-EM019: Advanced Ecosystem Analysis in Environmental Management
    (Kiel School of Sustainability)
  • AEF-EM033: Ecosystem Development and Ecosystem Protection 
    (Kiel School of Sustainability)


Supervised graduate theses

Organisation of conferences, scientific responsibilities and memberships


  • 35. Jahrestagung des Arbeitskreises Geographie der Küsten und Meere (AMK). Universität Kiel 19.-22.April 2017
  • IALE-D Workshop „Concepts and Methods for Ecosystem Services Assessments".  Kiel University. March 10-11, 2016
  • International Workshop on Coastal Ecosystem Services at the Land-Sea Interface. Kiel University March 22-25, 2015.
  • Joint International Workshop (IALE-D & ESP): Indication, Integration and Application of Ecosystem Services in Decision Making. Kiel University May 6-8, 2013.


Scientific responsibilities:

  • Reviewer for the journals  "Land Use Policy", "Ecological Processes", "Ecological Indicators", "International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management", "Forests", "Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research", "Ecosystem Services", "Landscape Online", "Journal of Coastal Conservation", "Ecology & Society", "One Ecosystem" and "Ocean and Coastal Management".



  • Verein zur Förderung der Ökosystemforschung Kiel e.V.
  • International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE-D). Working group leader "Ecosystem Services"

Curriculum vitae

since January 2011

  • Scientific employee at the Institute for Natural Resource Conservation, Deptartment of Ecosystem Management, Kiel University


March 2015 - August 2016


October 2014 - March 2016

  • Scientific employee at the "Institut für Marketing & Dienstleistungsforschung", Universität Rostock



  • Diploma in geography, geology, soil science and hydrology, Kiel University



  • Erasmus semester at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway



Peer reviewed articles


  • Bicking, S., B. Burkhard, M. Kruse & F.  Müller (2018): Mapping of nutrient regulating ecosystem service supply and demand on different scales in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. - One Ecosystem 3: e22509. 


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  • Wangai, P. W., B. Burkhard, M. Kruse & F. Müller (2017): Contributing to the cultural ecosystem services and human wellbeing debate: a case study application on indicators and linkages. - Landscape Online 50: 1-27 (pdf).


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  • Schmalz, B., M. Kruse, J. Kiesel, F. Müller & N. Fohrer (2016): Water-related ecosystem services in Western Siberian lowland basins – Analysing and mapping spatial and seasonal effects on regulating services based on ecohydrological modelling results. - Ecological Indicators 71: 55-65.
  • Mocior, E. & M. Kruse (2016): Educational values and services of ecosystems and landscapes – An overview. – Ecological Indicators 60: 137–151.



  • Kruse, M., M. Benkenstein & F. Müller (2015): Ein Konzept zur Bewertung von Ökosystemleistungen in der Darß-Zingster Boddenkette – qualitative Analyse und Vorstellung des Mengengerüsts zur Quantifizierung. - Rostocker Meeresbiologische Beiträge 25: 133-157 (pdf).



  • Koschke, L., S. Van der Meulen, S. Frank, A. Schneidergruber, M. Kruse, C. Fürst, E. Neubert, C. Schröder, F. Müller & O. Bastian (2014): Do You Have 5 Minutes To Spare? – The Challenges Of Stakeholder Processes In Ecosystem Services Studies. – Landscape Online 37: 1-25 (pdf).
  • Kandziora, M., K. Dörnhöfer, N. Oppelt & F. Müller (2014): Detecting Land Use And Land Cover Changes In Northern German Agricultural Landscapes To Assess Ecosystem Service Dynamics. - Landscape Online 35: 1-24 (pdf).
  • Burkhard, B., M. Kandziora, Y. Hou & F. Müller (2014): Ecosystem Service Potentials, Flows and Demands - Concepts for Spatial Localisation, Indication and Quantification. - Landscape Online 34: 1-32 (pdf).



  • Kandziora, M., Burkhard, B. & F. Müller (2013): Mapping provisioning ecosystem services at the local scale using data of varying spatial and temporal resolution. – Ecosystem Services 4: 47-59.
  • Kandziora, M., B. Burkhard & F. Müller (2013): Interactions of ecosystem properties, ecosystem integrity and ecosystem service indicators - A theoretical matrix exercise. - Ecological Indicators 28: 54-78.


Book chapters


  • Kruse, M. (2017): 5.7.1. Regional ecosystem service mapping approaches. In: Burkhard B, Maes J (Eds.) (2017) Mapping Ecosystem Services. Pensoft Publishers, Sofia, 374 pp: 235-238.
  • Kruse, M. & K. Petz (2017): 5.5.2. Mapping provisioning Services. In: Burkhard B, Maes J (Eds.) (2017) Mapping Ecosystem Services. Pensoft Publishers, Sofia, 374 pp: 189-198.
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  •  Schmalz, B., M. Kandziora, N. Chetverikova, F. Müller & N. Fohrer (2015): Water-related Ecosystem Services – The Case Study of Regulating Ecosystem Services in The Kielstau Basin, Germany. In: Chicharo, L., F. Müller & N. Fohrer (2015): Ecosystem Services and River Basin Ecohydrology. Springer Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London, New York: 215-232.



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Further scientific publications



  • Musche M., F.  Müller, M. Kandziora, B. Burkhard & S. Klotz (2012): Entwicklung von Indikatoren für die Evaluierung und das Management der Naturerbeflächen der Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU). Abschlussbericht, DBU-Projekt Az. 28919, 222 S

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