SECOS Synthese (The service of sediments in German coastal seas)

Runtime: 01.04.2016 - 31.03.2019

Funding agency: BMBF

Project coordination: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bathmann (IOW)

Scientific staff: Prof. Dr. Felix Müller, Dr. Marion Kruse

Cooperation partners: Universität Rostock, Leibniz Institut für Ostseeforschung




Work package 4.1 Ecosystem service assessment in the Baltic Sea


The main objective of the work package 4.1 is the transfer of the “matrix approach”, which has been developed amongst others in the past KüNO phase for terrestrial ecosystems, to marine ecosystems and the following application for a regionalized valuation of provisioning, cultural and regulating ecosystem services. The concept will be optimized on the basis of the measuring and modelling outputs of SECOS II.

In cooperation with BACOSA II a joint terrestrial-marine platform will be developed which enables the valuation of ecosystem services for the entire German Baltic coast.

In the course of the project the potential methodological uncertainties of ecosystem service assessments will be quantified and reduced. The results will be available as ecosystems service maps which will be part of the coastal waters atlas.

In addition, the valuation results will be combined with the analysis of ecological integrity of the sites for an integrated valuation system for marine ecosystems. Furthermore, indicators will be applied to investigate the interactions of ecological properties of habitats and their ecosystem service potential.


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